A Little Alliterative Amusement

Ancient angels arching aloft

Grabbing gulps of gusty gales

Lost leaves are falling soft

Oranges and reds gently sail


Birds banter back and forth

Soaring circles above the Earth

Lyrics lift and send the call

If I didn’t have wings, I’d certainly fall


Crazy canine’s caustic calling

Echoes through the flipping hallway

Lifting up my heavy head

Be quiet dog it is time for bed


Drivel drones spew their dreck

Duly noted not a speck

Of truth or calm or any balm

By all means let’s drop the bomb


Eerie elegies, elegant energy

Effervescent harmony told as a eulogy

Dreams dreamt died without dignity

The lost souls of imperial proclivity


Fickle feline falling fast

Falls upon her fickle ass

Fabulously fastidious and full of sass

I did not fall upon my fickle ass


Gawking gaily at men clad green

Marching merrily looking clean

Kin held high in fever grip

Another land off to strip


Happy go lucky lost in Kentucky

Honey brown liquid hits the head quickly

Hopped up hipster looking for more mash

Hey bartender three more it’s a bash


Implacable ignorance unflappable indolence

Insidious invective unstoppable denseness

Torpid tangerine toddler in a tie

Debauched dentured and full of lies


Jelly rolls of savage souls

Coffee hour after praise the power

Jettisoned lessons, all is pretension

Just a simple slip and fall from heaven


Klaxon call stearn resolve

Hop out of bed feeling half dead

Kitchen’s pall illuminated hall

Cracking of dawn Monday gall


Languid locomotion later the potion

Listless and lethargic hopeful and cathartic

Lists of lists mixed with lost missives

Laid wrong all night, body filled with stiffness


Morning machinations multiple miscalculations

A murky muddy morning creation

Lonely lofted lifting laughter

All in all a small disaster


Nefarious negligence pervasive pestilence

Provocative placards raised to a testament

Knaves ignoble mendacity gone global

Served up at six for all the locals


Opulent orchestration odious exaggeration

Oral obfuscation and utter indignation

Bitter banter filled with lancers

Little shanties full of cancer


Picturesque parks and playful barks

Plaintive wails of small little fails

Postering preening, that’s what was seen

Popping up keen, just a little less clean


Querulous quotients calmly quaking

Quixotic questions queried for faking

Quickly sent an immoral retainer

Quit treating people just like a remainder


Restive robin puts the cogs in

Roiling winds bring the fog in

Repeated calls from the breast

Return, come help finish the nest


Stoic squirrel standing straight

Fallen foliage’s frozen fate

Wicked winds whispered weight

Holy crap I’m friggin late


Tattered tears and frozen hair

Torn and broken no one cares

Toes imobile hoping for fare

Tossed aside like a half eaten pear


Ubiquitous euphemisms European colonialism

Kipling’s burden realized in fascism

The gilded city up on the hill

Soon to be gated, boarded sill to sill


Vociferous vocation, voluptuous imagination

Vibrations evolved with salacious resolve

Voracious eyes vivacious and lithe

Visions of a vicarious vacation


Whittled widgets waning digits

Woken by a woeful fidget

Wicked wails he could not bridge it

Had a life and never lived it


Xenophobes unlike xylophones

Sing only in one note

Xenon xeroxed for them all is rote

Seeking a complete extirpation of hope


Youngsters yowl on a yuletide prowl

You look out brother, I’ll check under the towels

Yellow papered box yesterday taped

Yonder bedroom calls, go to bed kids I’m awake


Zaftig zeppelins zephyr weather

Zipping high towards the heaven

Zoned below and fences shown

Zero chance left to roam